Weekly Quest Idea

  • so, I was thinking, after the Christmas event, what if there was a world where every week there were quests for people to do, like the ones in the event, like, killing special enemies for some essence. of course, the rewards wouldn't be as big and would be smaller like, instead of a level 3 Doge Pouch, what if there were rewards of like, level 1 or 2 Doge Pouches. and maybe for harder quests some higher tier loot, like spawners or special weapons. now, the quests would have to alternate every week, and I would be happy to help with setting those up, to lower the workload. I'm open to feedback, and I just think this would be a nice addition for some of the newer players, to give them money and things better than what they have, as well as something to do for the older ones.

  • This world has been created, but @Niko302 is currently busy with alot of other server stuff.

  • @Groplays I was thinking of the same thing. Creating a world with an awesome map (castle map) where players would have to rush the castle, kill some guards,epic mobs and finally the king to win the event.. The Armor players would have would be totally separated from the main world so there would be no OP players. everyone would start with the same armor and weapons. the way to get better armor and weapons would just be to find chests hidden in the castle and by killing mobs.

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