Ideas I know its long but

  • 1.FORUMS
    - Add tab gives like 3 spaces on forums
    -Something glitched had to add a pic I added a random one I don't know if you see it or not if you do ignore it
    -Buff glowstone placments its expensive as fuck 250 for 16 or even 500 for 16 and the only way to get it
    nether with fly unless you like hot stuff. Now its the same as stone brick..... maybe 7$ for 1?
    -Coal(5$), iron(6$), gold(7$),redstone(7.5$),lapis(7,7$) diamond(8$), emerald(9$) do /res tp ShadowBase rip
    -Redstone all (pistons, dispaneser, redstone,redstone torch....) just make 5$ except redstone that is 2-3$
    -Add rails I have seen one railroad min300 blocks long maybe 3$ wait just remembered when I was staff
    a few years back there was a problem with this, people would place water to destory and place it again and spam
    this I don't know if this is fixed or not
    -Add leaves (1$)
    -Signs that is 10$ the most annoying thing to place ever (lets make a farm just need 200 signs)
    -Everything except wool that is black or gray gives you 4$ ink hard to get
    -Buff miner job more xp given by mining stone if you explore a cave...
    -add kits for each job you have
    -You need to be in this job for min 24h
    -Then you can do /kit (job)
    - Iron pick efficiency5 unbreaking 3 (if you buff miner do efficiency 4 or 3)
    -Torch 128 (2 stacks)
    -Some food like 16 bread
    -Iron sword Sharpness 3
    -Bow power 2 or 3
    -Arrows 64
    -kill the food
    -Iron shovel efficiency 3 unbreaking 3
    -Some food like 16bread
    -Hoe ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) unbreaking 3
    -Seeds 8
    -Farm the food
    -Iron axe (yes never get diamonds you only get iron) efficiency 3 unbreaking 3
    -Apples 16 <----Healthy (not 16 1-3is)
    -Fishing rod luck of the sea and unbreaking 3
    -You need no food
    -Food sandwich which is bread that gives saturation effect for 1min?
    -Clock go to bed its 3am
    -Brewing stand 3
    -Glass bottles 9
    -Netherwart 5
    -Soul sand 8
    -Iron block
    -Crafting table
    -Gold block
    -+10 friendship with a miner
    -16 bread
    -No idea
    -Crafting table
    5. Server shop
    need ink
    need glass
    need glowstone
    everything else dosn't matter
    6. Rewards
    -For people that their idea gets added like 3 categorys
    -1. This is game changing like this post
    -Beacon<------ so everyone knows where you at
    -16 diamonds
    -Reward points 100
    -Can msg staff also on discord id3a chat room for staff and those with this rank
    - /afk WE are adding ideas
    -You have good ideas rank id3a like that in game and you get
    -kit id3a
    -Paper named my stuff got implemented<--------for ego 😉
    -2.This is wow ok
    -Reward points 50
    - /afk WE are doing our best to add ideas
    --Can msg staff also on discord id3a chat room for staff and those with this rank
    -3. Ok one thing dosn't mean much
    and nope that is it
    -Reward points with 200=Coal rank? and for every 150 one rank higher (its free for you to add the rank and in
    return you get content that gets players that buy ranks that makes you money this is for us that are broke (;´༎ຶД༎ຶ`)
    -staff decides which category the post is and this is if you add it of course 1 thing is 1 thing 3rd category game
    changing is 1st category
    7. Skyblock
    -Everyone has /fly I have 160-300ping non stop building bridges dead times<-- bad joke
    -add skyblock please that and prison my favorite
    8. Partner/youtube rank?
    - is that added or not?
    -Add someone GMT+1 8-13 there is no staff
    -I may will make staff application but I am not that active soooo.... and staff for 2 years was enough more then
    -staff application you need to add when they can play under timezone so that you have 24/7 covered...
    10. Warps
    -warp fly where fly claim is
    11. New players
    -Make it so that they can't read the chat and they get a message /warp tutorial and once they finish it they can type
    and see the chat. This solves they crazy chat when I joined couldn't see shit everyone was typing something
    and new players get the most common questions answered, because they either forget tutorial in 2min or they have
    no idea it exist.
    -Better explanation and add more add to tutorial like the commands they have access to
    12. Shops
    -Get removed if the player is offline for 1.5 month or more
    -Fix the numbers and the whole shop map everything is a bit messy
    13. Jobs again
    -Miner can collect spawners if hes is miner or add to miner more homes, when I started I found like 10 cave spiders
    and some zombie and skeleton spawners... and they don't need silk touch for it.
    14. Recipes

    • Write what you need I can't see what you need to make tools
      -Add kunai which is diamond sword named Kunai and is sharpness 10 unbreaking 10 mending 1 and to craft it you
      need 128 (2 stacks) of reinforced diamond blocks and 1 stack of reinforced blaze rods craft is the same as for
      sword just that reinforced blaze rods instead of sticks and 2 stacks of reinforced diamond block above it (I have
      Itachi skin...) and if you add 2 stacks of reinforced redstone blocks it adds fire 10 stacks of reinforced lapis blocks
      it adds sweeping edge 10 and if you add reinforeced emerald blocks 2stacks of course it adds fortune 10 all 3 can
      be added but before the sword is made or just 1 or 2 let the grind begin if you like this msg me I can help you add
      for other tools ideas server management=nope not again
      15.Sorry I know its long I am also multilanguage so maybe some stuff is not written right. My bad.
      Hope you add everything but I know thats a lot so hope you add at least 1 thing. Feel free to balance anything if you feel like I went overkill. Thanks for reading
      -MrShadowDrake<---Best drake out there

  • Will look at these suggestions as soon as we finish on SkyBlock and everything will not be so hectic 🙂

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