Problem with mob cap :(

  • Hey, so ive came on 1 problem with this server.
    Mobs spawning from spawners have priority of spawning, which causes in not working natural spawned mob farms (iron golem, mob grinder, guardian, ink farms) when ppl are grinding on spawners. And that wouldnt be that big of problem, u would just wait till somebody ends grinding right? But now, joaco has public grinder with 30/50 blaze spawners and there are ppl grinding 24/7... Niko, could u do smething about this? For sure there is a way to change the mob cap, or give priority to natural spawned mobs or do something like doesnt matter how many mobs are on the server rn, the chunk with in the player is, is active and mobs can spawn no matter what.
    I spent so much time on building iron golem farm this one is working nice, and on guardain farm, and this one is working extremly good when ppl arent using joaco's or my grinder (i turn off my grinder when i want to afk near guardian farm) but when ppl get on one of those, the farm produces 1 guardian per 5 minutes or completly stops working.
    So yeah, i hope that Niko will anwser if he is able to do something.

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