End in resource world

  • I think it would be cool to see the Dogecraft resource world have access to other dimensions like the neather or the end. If this gets in Dogecraft players could refight the ender dragon or they could explore endcitys and same for the neather
    I think it's a cool idea but it might not be

  • @mr_taco_5963
    You actually can re-fight the end dragon in vanilla minecraft.

    Players can re-spawn the ender dragon once the fight is completed, by placing four (or fewer) end crystals atop the exit portal, one on each side."

    The nether also should be unique since there is an enormous amount of blaze spawners used in exp farms, which makes the spawners pretty valuable. Another nether would pretty much make them more or less worthless.
    Also the nether gets expanded every now and then to give new players the opportunity to farm more spawners / nether quartz. Expansions are normally announced on the Discord channel.

    Although finding new end citys is admittedly a pain in the butt.

  • @iHolz some one clamed the portal area

  • @mr_taco_5963
    Did you try it yet though? Even if the area is claimed, one can set different rules which can also enable everyone to break/place blocks in the residence. There are also signs at "/res tp end" which ask nicely to "clean up after the fight".

    Also, if the area is claimed you can use the command /res info to determine the owner of the residence. So you could message the owner directly and ask if he/she allows you to use the residence.

    Hope that helped.

  • Thanks I will try if I get unbanned
    (I made a ban appeal)