Pls better Pictures for the Wiki page...

  • ... the pictures might confuse people since they have a rather poor resolution.
    As an alternative additional text for the different recipes would also help.
    Or is it maybe possible to use tables on the website with borders which resemble the crafting grid?
    Extracting the images of the materials is maybe better than in-game screenshots.


    Also the recipes are somehow incomplete. The elytra recipes are not shown.

    Any other ideas, complaints or improvements?

  • @iHolz +rep

  • +1
    The block icons are moused over in the images which make them look extremely washed out as well, so it's hard to tell what the exact colors are without struggling and a bit of guesswork.

  • We just put the images up on the site due to the game breaking duplication glitch that comes with the plugin that we are using so to avoid that we put up pictures. A better wiki page for this is already planned. But good suggestion! @pustinek

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