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    I kept this real close to the original version at, but altered some of the wording to get more on point with certain situations.

    Dogecraft Official Rules and Guidelines

    You must follow these rules and try not to break them as often as possible. Breaking any of the following will get you punished or even removed from our community.


    Any redstone device that upon activation harms a player will not be tolerated, Any Large holes that are not properly secured and/or Teleporting a player to kill them are forbidden.

    Griefing & Stealing

    You may not alter any building, plot, shop, or town that does not belong to you without the consent of the creator. These alterations include but are not limited to: Placing or destroying blocks, Taking items from any form of container, Placing or dropping any unwanted items in hoppers, Spawning unwanted animals or mobs, Claiming a plot without the consent of the creator (Unless otherwise stated in the town rules) Using your res admin or Assistant powers to commit any crime, and/or Scamming in general are not allowed and may result in punishment.


    Trespassing is the act of entering private property without permission. A plot must have no access with standard permissions unless otherwise stated by signs. Alternatively, a player can be asked to leave and if they don't, it's considered trespassing. To prevent trespassing, one can toggle their town to private or close off their plot with all perms off(In the case of a residence there is a command for this as well in /res set). Illegal grinder usage also falls under trespassing. The grinder must be closed off and have clearly posted signs stating who is or isn’t allowed to use the grinder. If the grinder is open and no signs are placed, then it will not be considered trespassing until they are asked to leave. If you do not want certain people to enter your town, place signs at the town spawn listing their names, if this person is still on your land without permission ask for Staff to politely tell them to get out of your town property. Under no circumstances should you enable PVP and take matter into your own hand.

    Market Rules

    If renting a shop, it is your responsibility to keep it rented, by paying for its daily use -- If it becomes unrented, a player is permitted to rent the shop, claim all its contents, the new owner is not required to return the items to any original owner. If the shop that you rented has locked chests call an Admin+ to unlock them for you.

    ALT Account

    Do not use more than 2 accounts on the server at the same time while playing. Having more than 2 accounts on at the same time will cause you to get banned and if you try to login with your other accounts it will result in a Permanent Ban!
    Addons/Mods/Scripts/Texturepacks/Modifications, any use of things above that will give you an advantage over others is not allowed. Doing so with get you punished.


    Be Friendly and always show respect to everyone, no matter their role. no Advertising or posting spam, do not msg people repeatedly or without need. harassment, abuse, Hate Speech or any kind of discriminatory speech will not be tolerated. no Links may contain Advertisements of any kind, pornography, racism, or disturbing links. Light swearing is allowed but try to avoid overusing it. Do not spam the auction or use non realistic prices for items you are selling. Please try to use Common Sense. Try to avoid excessive use of Capital letters, or use of extra characters while in mainchat. Examples of the following are similar to "THE USE OF JUST CAPITAL LETTERS", wothnsantwntlwerhqh
    (character that make no sense) and/or "thhhhhhhheeeeeee ussssseeeeee offfff eeeexxxttrraaaa chaaaaaaaaraaaaacteeeeerrrrrsssssssssssss/t h e u s e o f e x t r a c h a r a c t e r s !" Use of five or more additional unnessissary characters may result in a warning or in a case of excessive uses mute, tempban or at the worst case ban.

    Grinders, Hoppers and Auto-Clickers

    Automatic farms with Spawners are not allowed (allowed if no spawners are used) Afk-Pools are not allowed under any cercumstance and will not be tolerated. Which also means methods that prevent you from being kicked are not allowed (ex: auto clicking a button, noteblock etc...) You can only use up to 150 hoppers per player in a 10x10 chunks. MAX (200) if 2 players. Use of auto-clickers are ok however you must be present at your computer while using one, If Caught afk while using an auto-clicker you will be subject to punishment.

    Listen to Staff

    Asking for us to give you staff in chat without making an application is not allowed, and may result in punishment if you persist too much. Staff might not always be right but they are always trying to help players, reach in their direction for any questions you might have that might not be clear from reading these rules. In cases where these rules are unclear or incomplete, defer to staff judgement.

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    Many players online also believe it would be more effective to have a breif form of these rules show up in the /rules command with the link below for a more descript understanding.

  • The rules need to be changed around a bit in my opinion and these changes are great they are what i wanted changed. +1 from me

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