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    Function: this Kiosk would be there to show stats on the shops. These stats being the activated shop numbers, name of shop owners and the last time the shop owner was online.

    Why (The Reasons as to why each function would be useful):

    Show shop numbers, not every player who walks the shops keeps a document with the location of each shop open beside them like a map so shops tend to go unknown until a discorvery time. Activated beside the number would mean the shop is in use by a player and deactivated would mean its ready for rent/ownership. This might also slow down the amount of times people advertise there shop in chat.

    Shop Owner names, this is very simple this is so players interested in a specific item can message the shop owner to find out if the item can be restocked or whether the shop owner wont be continueing to restock a specific item

    Last time the shop owner was online, this would help players know at when was the last time the shop could have been restocked, as well as help staff to know how long a player has been inactive in the situation where a shop should be deleted for a new shop owner to take hold of the property (suggest 4 months of solid inactivity). Not all players are aware of the /seen [playername] command and this would be good to add pressure to the shop owners in knowing that there are other players who might want to open a shop but space is limited.

  • @OneRitzyWillow How do you think this should be implemented, in minecraft under the sign where the shop is, as a GUI or a website with all these info?

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    I saw there was alot of space between the actual spawn and where shops start, preticularely the grassy area with which you have place wool.

    Similar to when entering a shopping mall and seeing a legend at the beginning showing shop names and their locations.

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