Advanced Achievements Added


We added the advanced achievements that enable us to extend the features of Vanilla achievements. We think this feature will bring more challenge and competition to the server and with that make it more fun.

So we want the community to have a say in the creation of them, so we invite you to give us your suggestions/ideas on this topic. We suggest you to comment bellow or get in touch with us through discord or in-game (Pustinek, Niko302).

Example of suggestion format:
Goal: Place wool 300
Reward: Receive 1000$.

Example of Progress suggestion format:
Goal: Place wool 300/1000/10000
Reward: Receive 1000$/3000$/Legendary Item - Sword
Available Goal Categories:
Block Placement/Break, Kills, Crafts, PlayerCommands, Breeding, Deaths, Arrows, Snowballs, Eggs, Fish, Treasure, ItemBreaks, EatenItems, Shear, Milk, LavaBuckets, WaterBuckets, Treades, AnvilsUsed, Enchantments, Beds, MaxLevel, ConsumedPotions, PlayedTime, DistanceFoot, DistancePig, DistanceHorse, DistanceMinecart, DistanceBoat, DistanceGliding, DistanceLlama, ItemDrops, ItemPickups, HoePlowings, Fertilising, Taming, Brewing, Fireworks, MusicDiscs, EnderPearls, Smelting, Breaks​

Available Rewards:

Money, Item, Experience, Max oxygen, Max health,...​