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    @ionut88888 you can use optifine

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    Now to officially say
    1.14.2 transfering:
    Players will keep items that will be put into a world like market and transfered to 1.14.2
    Players will keep their Economy
    Players will keep their Job level
    Players will keep their Paid and in-game ranks
    The world side tho, to be honest it would not take that much if I just take the main world remove the plugins and leave the world for spectating it would take a small portion of the server but not really something that would effect us in any way. I hope this is a clear enough understanding of what we are trying to do here. We value all the players that stuck through everything for all this time. and @LadyAnime tbh. I would recommend planning something for 1.14 like collecting some building materials... to save up so you can build something awesome in 1.14.2

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  • RE: Hopper Rule Needs to be changed

    since you decided to make such a long post and put effort into it.
    You can put as many hoppers as you wish in your builds as long as it is not intentionally there to lag out the client and server.
    This stands until the map is reset and on 1.14.2


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    @Flioghty I understand, if there arent to many players (20+) that want to keep their build we could maybe take the schema and paste it into the new world.
    The problem is that current world is really big (13Gb), so running it sepperatly takes alot of resources

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    @ionut88888 the problem with that is, we would be have to support two servers and use the same resources to power them which would be silly. Since 1.14.2 brings many new awesome features and we can expand on creating new plugins for it. It would be pointless to try and run the 1.12.2 server for only a couple of players and worry about bugs in an unpopulated server. So its better to wait for 1.14.2 to be fully release and update the server to that version.
    Might i ask why would you prefer to play on 1.12.2, rather than on 1.4 ?

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  • RE: Wiki update?

    So yesterday i was trying to come up with different way to enable other users to edit the wiki page but i couldn't find any that would be easy to implement/use. So i believe the other second best option is to just post the text you want to change right here in the ideas & Feedback. And i will make sure to update it as soon as i can. thanks 🙂

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  • RE: Wiki update?

    Hey @LadyAnime , thanks for your suggestion. I was thinking of making the wiki page editable by trusted players, maybe even anyone who wants to. That would make the wiki page more freshly updated 🙂 ... I will try to implement the thing today if i find the time and will let you know as soon as it's ready.

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  • RE: My Apologies


    Staffmember: you are not allowed to say that word
    MaxTheWulf: bet.
    Staffmember: At least i didnt warn or ban u
    MaxTheWulf: Tiger if you warned me, i'd report you to higher staff.
    MaxTheWulf: Tiger, I even cencored it... 3 times
    Staffmember: And even if it is censored, I still dont think its allowed
    MaxTheWulf: Then ask Before you just assume
    Staffmember: Cause it falls in hate speech
    MaxTheWulf: Hate speech!??!

    The basic reason the ban will stay for now is arguing with staff and making a scene in added chatlogs that can be viewed through #Survival (information of you bending rules before has also been provided)

    ☠ Apply for a ban appeal again in 2 weeks and we will be reconsidiring the unban.

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  • RE: please unban me.


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  • Poll testing

    This is a poll test !

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